The Muir Parent Teacher Organization (Muir PTO) exists to create experiences that cultivate student learning, foster student development, and promote pride in our school and community. 



To support the mission of the Muir community, we are ogranized as the Muir elementary PTO, an independent charitable organization, officially recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) entity. This organization allows up to the the following:

                  1.  Fundraiser and keep all funds within our organization to pay for the following activities:

                                            - Book Fair                                  - Spelling Bee
                                            - Reading Week                          - Assemblies
                                            - Art Start                                     - Field Trips
                                            - Red Ribbon Week                    - School Play
                                            - Field Day                                   - Jr. Achievement
                                            - Other

                 2. Make decisions as a Muir Community that will support the education of our students. 

                 3. Facilitate communication and cooperation among teachers, parents, administrators, and community.